Current Project

‘In Kind: How a Co-Creative Response Fosters an Enactive Reading of Poetry’ | PhD Thesis | School of English, University of St Andrews.

Abstract: If, as has been recently suggested by Rita Felski, the current preoccupation with critique and critical writing (both within academia and without) is furthering a suspicious mode of approach amongst many readers of poetry, might there be a way we might encourage a more generous, empathetic mode of reading, one more in keeping with what poems strive to do? Using a cross-disciplinary blend of literary study, linguistics, cognitive neuroscience, and philosophy, my research hopes to answer that question, suggesting how poems may ‘re-embody’ the process of understanding, and thereby arguing for a creative or poetic mode of response (homages, imitations, versions, translations) that might in turn foster a form of reading that better reflects this embodied or enactive form of understanding, a reading in kind.

This project is generously supported by the George Buchanan Scholarship, a Saltire Scholarship, and the University of St Andrews, and is supervised by Profs John Burnside and Don Paterson. See Patrick’s university profile here.


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Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities Researcher in Residence | Hospitalfield House in Arbroath, Scotland | May 2018